"The Violet Grind" c45 [June97-out of print]

"On the Rim of a Blackhole" c60 [Violet Produkt-Sept97]

"Wolves Bane" c60 [Violet Produkt-Sept97]

split c60 w/FACIALMESS [Sept97]

split c60 w/STATIC INSECT [Sept97-Violet Produkt]

split c60 w/ORIGAMI REPLIKA [Nov97-Violet Produkt]

split c60 w/X-ZUMMER "Riot Tactics" [Nov97-Violet Produkt]

split c26 w/Chlamydia Test Cloud {ltd.82/out of print} [Mar98-Melody Breaker]

split c20 w/ONQ+STOQ [Mar98-Chupa Verga-SSS]

split tape #2 w/DARUIN [Mar98-Violet Produkt]

"Pyston" c60 {ltd.372} [Apr98-Scrotum Records]

collab c60 w/EHI "A Paper So Thin" [Apr98-FDR Tapes]

collab c10 w/PAGE 27 {ltd.27/out of print} [Apr98-Violet Produkt]

collab c? w/Charles Bascomb, CTC and .W.O.N. "Shifty Thrifty" {out of print} [June98-Melody Breaker]

"Ballad For The Republic" c46 {ltd.50} [July98-Ultra]

split c60 x2 w/ODAL/MISERY/CTC {ltd.50/special package/out of print} [Aug98-MB/VP joint release]

"Caution" c30 {ltd.20/special package/out of print} [Oct98-Violet Produkt]

"Bombs Away" c10+c20+28pg booklet {ltd.7/out of print} [Oct98-Violet Produkt]

collab c90 w/THE TEASHOP MADMAN "While I Was Talking on the Telephone" [Nov98-Dedfuk Records]

split c60 w/AMES SANGLANTES [Nov98-Violet Produkt]

"Sex Magick 999" c60 {ltd.30} [Nov98-JTY Tapes/Library of Porn]

split c46 w/RIPIT [Nov98-Scrotum Records]

collab c60 w/CTC "Grinding Against the Sun: the Expansion of Negative Light" [Nov98-Let It Rot]

collab w/MOURMANSK 150 "Noise Dildos" [Dec98-Violet Produkt bootleg]

"The Violet Grind blows up CTC with C4 explosives" c4 x5 {only 1 made}

split w/DARUIN #3 (c47) [Jan99-Violet Produkt]

"Nano-Tech" c60 [Jan99-Noise...In Theory and Practice]

split c60 w/MONOBRAIN [Feb99-Hogsplash]

split c60 w/ARMENIA [Feb99-Bizarre Audio Arts]

split c60 w/ ROCHEL[Apr99-Future Zoundz]

split w/PRAYING FOR OBLIVION "The Great Serpent" c40 [Apr99-Android Prod]

split w/ORANGE JESUS c60 [May99-Verbrannte Erde Prod]

collab w/MOURMANSK 150 "Noise Dildos Love Pussy" c20 [June99-Violet Produkt]

split c60 w/NEXUS 6 [June99-Churn Tapes]

split c60 w/PROTOTYPE EARTHBORNE [June99-FDR/Public Eyesore]



"Wolf Window" [Sept97-NEUS-318]

split w/DARUIN [Mar98-NEUS-318]

"N'Existe Pas" [May98-Menschenfiend Productions]

"Flying Fox" [June98-NEUS-318]

split w/MOURMANSK 150 "Claustrophobic Violence"{special package}[Nov98-NEUS-318]

"SAMIZDAT" split w/RIPIT & MOURMANSK 150 [Oct99-Violet Produkt/Riposte/NZP]


"Power Grid #1" c90 [Feb98-Violet Produkt]

"fabrik compilationI: rator" c60 x2{booklet/special package}[Mar98-Noiseweb: F a b r i k]

"Entartete Musik" c90 x2 {special package/ltd.100} [June98-New Noise]

"Tape Heads #1" c90 [July98-Hal Tapes]

"Compilation Vol.1" CD [July98-NEUS-318]

"I Hate Noise Compilations" c60 [Sept98-Public Demand Cassettes]

"Willpower Report #1" c60 [Sept98-Public Demand Cassettes]

"the ICE compilation" c60 {ltd.50} [Sept98-Arctique Records]

"Energy Directed Inward" c90+booklet [Oct98-Inner Space]

"Compilation vol.2" CD [Nov98-NEUS-318]

"The Cult of .W.O.N." CD [Jan99-Menschenfiend Productions]

"Power Grid #2" c60 [Feb99-Violet Produkt]

"Underground 6 Way Split #1" c90 [Feb99-Neo Barbaric]

"Madness Incarnate 1" c90+booklet [Feb99-Verbrannte Erde Productions]

"No Way For 8" c120 [Apr99-Riposte]

"Out of Love Compilation #1" c60 x5 [June99-Out Of Love Records]

"Freiheit: The Noise Revolution" CD [July99-Hermetik Museum]

"Noise Conglomerate" c90 [July99-Anti-Everything]

"Hearing Collateral Damage" c60 [Aug99-Violet Produkt]

"dilatazioni vol.2" c90 [Aug99-Rarefazioni Uterine]

"Compilation #5" CD [Aug99-NEUS-318]

"God's Children 2" CD [Oct99-Novaya Zemlya Prod]

"Shit Kebab" CD + 'Zine [Aug99-Jazzasin]