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The Violet Grind is my experimental sound project. Although I have been working actively with TVG since 1997, the concept has been around since 1992. I used to try to think of the whole TVG experience as a band, but I've come to realize that it's more of a "project". Or maybe "experiment" is a better word for it. I think in terms of trying to create sounds in a certain genre of noise and/or use a certain technique or equipment. The results are often quite different from my intentions, which is always the most entertaining part of the sound creation process.

Since 1997, TVG has appeared on over 30 D.I.Y./homemade cassette releases and several compilations and CD releases worldwide. I've also been interviewed and reviewed in a few 'zines, including: Neo-Barbaric, Bad Alchemy and Shit Kebab. LABELS, I'm always interested in doing releases in any format. Ask, and I'll send you some of my stuff! 'ZINES, interested in reviewing my stuff or doing an interview? Get in touch!

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