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22 OCT 99

Recently aquired a few copies of PRAYING FOR OBLIVION's "The Love Generation" CD. GO to the distro page for more details!

10 OCT 99

Some new releases listed on the all-new distro Page! Check it out....

Violet Produkt's new format is c60 compilations of noise/experimental. Get in touch if you're interested in submitting some of your work to this series .

Some new releases on other labels:

THE VIOLET GRIND vs. CIPHER UTOPIA/THE END split c60 (Troniks) TVG and CU do 2 crazy noise collab trax. The End serves up another installment of his "Perverted Collection" series. TRONIKS, c/o Phil Blankenship, PO Box 4055, Berkeley CA 94704-0055 USA TRONIKS

v/a-"GOD'S CHILDREN-Purify From All Unrighteousness" CD-R (Novaya Zemlya Production) great noise/exper comp featuring TVG in addition to KNURL, ZAHAAH/SHPER, BLASTERKORPS, NAPALMED, ICKAOS/DERNIERE VOLONTE, AMES SANGLANTES, EIGENWERT, MOURMANSK 150, DARUIN and PZR-17. Novaya Zemlya Production, 154 rue Gambetta, 59970 Fresnes/Escaut, FRANCE